Saturday, 1 October 2016

We've had so much over the last few weeks that I'm turning into a duck

Saturday Potpourri and new Blog of the Month

I know different countries have different sweet treat favourites.  Chocolate Fish are an iconic Kiwi fave with them often being given out to people to recognise a job well done. They are made of pink or white marshmallow covered in chocolate – and are delicious.

Words – I used to think that terminology didn't matter – that it should all be about substance.  But I have changed my mind and now think that the words you use can have the potential to make things better or worse.  What do you think?

Jigsaws – I have always liked jigsaws – there is something satisfying about building up the complete picture – I don't do physical ones anymore but do them online sometimes.  If you would like to know which site I visit the most, just drop me a line and I'll send you a link.  But be warned that this can soak up a lot of time!

I have selected a new Blog of the Month for you – a book blog this time since I did a food one last time – Books I Think You Should Read  Liz is an eclectic reader – so reviews a range of genres.  Recent reviews include – Piper, Once & Again by Caroline E Zani and The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell

Friday, 30 September 2016

Clever! I never knew there was a Melbourne in Florida - and yes, it is named after the Australian city!

Food on Friday : Prawns & Shrimp


This Food on Friday is dedicated to those special crustaceans – prawns & shrimp.

To add your dishes, just put the name of the dish together with your blog name/name into the first Mr Linky box you will find below.  Then paste the url for your post about it into the second box.

I'll be pinning the dishes to this Pinboard which will make it easy for you to check them out at a glance.  The links from the earlier collections are also on that board.

Have loads of fun!